Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I'm back!

I hope!

It's been SO long since i last posted, i feel so guilty! But this post is by way of reviving the Blog, and using this to let people know what i'm up to. I'm about to delete my Bebo page, it's just such a waste of time, and i have little enough as it is without wasting it on a site that has no spiritual or educational benefits at all!

Alot's been happening with me recently... Drama, drama! But hopefully life will quieten down now, and i can just get on with studying. I've had more than enough excitement, i can live without it! But i shall blog about that slightly more in depth later, it's one of my rants unfortunately for you, dear Reader.

I've just started AS-Levels, i'm doing maths, english literature and history. I wanted to do politics as well, but i'm doing the coursework etc. via correspondance, through the Kilskeery Christian Independant School, and they don't have politics as an option. Rather disappointing as that was the subject i most wanted to do, along with history, but i may do it at night school when we've moved...

On that note, we have buyers for the house, and we find out next week what's happening, so i'll let you know how that goes! My dad still hasn't mentioned anywhere yet... I don't think people realise just HOW much we live life on the edge, not out of choice but because it's forced on us by my dad refusing to make plans for anything that is more than a week away!

Anyway, this was by way of getting back into the "blogging" mindset, and as it's rather late, i'm going to leave now. I'm going to try and blog again before the end of this week, and then hopefully i will manage to blog at least once a week after that. I'm going to use the time i would spend on Bebo to improve my piano playing skills, hopefully i should be much improved within a couple of months. I want to be able to play hymns well, so that i can play in church when our pianist isn't there!!

Anyway, i shall leave you now, i have a pooch to walk! Blog to you later ;-)


HannahB_30 said...

Heya hun! Good to hear whats happening with you!! yay seeing you at jo's in ummm....12days! haha! I have just posted on my blog check it out! The link can be found through joT's page! Love u tons!

Kerrin! said...

yayy! your posting on your blog again :) hope everything goes okeys with the move n things... :P
praying for you
love kerrin xxxxx