Monday, 8 October 2007

Just a quick blog...

I just got home from Birmingham, and had a few minutes so thought i would post an update on life on Planet Menekse...

I've been at JoT's birthday party this weekend! It has been SOOO good! Really encouraging, and was great to see everyone. We had a really wonderful time of fellowship, there's nothing quite like sitting down at 1am in the morning and having a good theological debate :D i really miss everyone now though!

We had a lovely evening on Friday, watched Phantom of the Opera and then talked until 3.30am... And then on Saturday we went for lunch to a Chinese buffet, where we had the rather amusing pleasure of watching Josh attempt to eat rib/s, and Tim attempt to eat jelly, with chopsticks! Then it was Nic's baptism, which was really great, she did SO well giving her testimony, it was really encouraging to hear! In the evening we went bowling which was good fun, Georgie and i finished the "night out" with a bash at the dance machine... But we couldn't understand the scores so we were both winners :D

We played a couple of games of Articulate over the weekend... LOL. Seriously, that game is so good. The confusion that ensued when Nic and i were describing together -

Me - "Ok, it's like the railings that go up stairs"
Nic - "It's like a bannister"
Me - "No Nic, it IS a bannister"
Nic - "It's like a bannister you know, like a bannister"

SO funny. We wasted most of our appointed time laughing! But hey, it's the taking part that counts... Although winning is nice too :D

We stayed up really late on Saturday night too... Talking about intelligent subjects, and generally having a great time... Sunday was sad because everyone else went home in the afternoon, not before we had a walk in the fields near the airport and a good posing sesh! Georgie is making a video out of the pictures, so will have to get her to upload it to or something so we can make it famous :D

Well... This was only meant to be quick, and i'm going to the Bible study soon, so i better get going... Got a load of maths work to do later, got my tutor coming tomorrow and i've done very little this week :S too many distractions...

Will blog more later in the week... For now i leave you with this... Something that was mentioned over the weekend...

"But exhort one another daily, while it is called To Day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin." - Hebrews 3v13

Do we exhort our brothers and sisters in the LORD to flee temptation and sin enough? It's so important, and something we don't do enough! I know i don't anyway... But how are ways we can encourage one another in that way? Asking what one has learnt about the LORD that day is quite a good one... Any other suggestions?

I think i'm going to try and make the "thought" bits a bit more interactive, i like reading other people's suggestions and thoughts... It's my blog, i can dictate if i want to... :D whether you listen is a whole other story ;)

Blog to you later, have a blessed week :)

NOW it's the second newest one ;)


The Youngest Miss.Turner (: said...

Such good times...

it IS a bannister!

Black and white fireworks!

I like that verse, it's very encouraging.

Hmmm... Something to think about eh?


Suzanne said...

hey menekse just thought i'd say hi! you do a MUCH better job of updating your blog than i do! and i enjoy reading it so keep it up and God bless you :) xx