Friday, 19 October 2007


A man must partly give up being a man
With womenfolk.

Robert Frost's "Home Burial".


Josh said...

You what?

Menekse said...

Studying Robert Frost's poetry for my English Lit, and came across this quote in "Home Burial" (VERY weird poem, find it online and let me know if it's just me...), and it rather amused me, so thought i'd share seeing as that is what blogs are for =D

Philip Mackereth said...

read wierder ones... :D
but it is slightly strange...
i was going to disagree with the quote, although reading the poem, its probably ok in context... :D

John Guzlowski said...

Home Burial is pretty strait forward if you see it as a conversation between a husband and a wife who just lost a baby.

The title refers to the practice in the US until the middle of the last century of having the wake in the house, and burying the body in the back yard.

A lot of people think it's yucky getting waked in your own home.

I guess they figure it's better in a funeral home among strangers.

Doc Guzlowski