Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh dear...

I'm really rather rubbish at keeping up with this blog malarky!

Just after my last post, i had a little accident which kind of interrupted any blogging i may have been inclined to do, as i fell off my godmother's horse and spent 5/6 days in hospital... 2 of those in ICU on a ventilator! I banged my head and had a really bad concussion, which has in turn knocked what little short-term memory i had into oblivion.

Anyway, the memory thing is starting to get a bit better now and i'm ridiculously busy with studying and working. I no longer work in McDonald's (thank goodness for that O_o), as i now have a job in a care home. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm also doing 4 A-Levels, which is very stressful i might add. Too much work, not enough time... So i really shouldn't be sat here blogging!

Hope my teeny tiny, probably non-existent, reader base is ok...

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