Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Little Pink Dots of Life

I sit here on my semi-empty bedroom floor opposite a white wall, covered in lots and lots of little pink dots.

We are moving house next week, and this morning has been spent packing the things in my bedroom into boxes - including the various things that were blu-tac'd onto my wall. They were actually pink-tac'd; fluorescent pink-tac'd. This is where the little pink dots came from. As hard as I rubbed the wall with my finger, the pink-tac left a stain in the paint that just wasn't going to budge. Which got me thinking.

The Little Pink Dots reminded me of life - of memories, of significant and insignificant events that have shaped who I am today. No matter how hard you rub, no matter how often you repack the boxes in your brain and attempt to forget their existence, you can't. You can paint right over them, but they are still there. But do we ever want to forget about them? Really? Even the bad ones? Because each and every one is a little part of who we are, of the way we think and see the world, of what makes us tick.

One day, I hope to meet a nice guy with lots and lots of Little Blue Dots, so that as we start a life together, we can begin making lots and lots of Little Purple Dots.

So go and start making some dots. Whether they are pink, blue or purple - make them, because nobody else will make them for you, and it would be an awful shame to get to the end of your earthly life Dot-less.

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Caroline said...

Oh, how sweet! now have someone with little blue dots, so you can make little purple dots! :-)