Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Well, my last blog was short and sweet... I finished kind of abruptly but my mum was telling me to go to bed :)

To explain the title of this post... We have just had an estate agent round, and it looks like we're selling up and moving, who knows where. it's been on the cards for a few weeks, but the reality of it hadn't really hit me, i mean, my dad has talked about moving before and it's never happened. But this time we've had the estate agent round, we've got a good price for the house (35,000 more than my dad said he would sell for, i believe it's a "sign" from God to my mum and i that it's His will for us to go this time... If that makes sense, but we shall see!), and my dad is selling the shop on the Word-Of-Mouth market... The one that foreigners who own kebab shops use! Lol...

So, i'm not particularly bothered that we're moving, i'm scared about where and what it's going to be like packing up our thousands of books... But i am just trusting God. I need to get my head round it, it's just quite a big thing.

I have no idea if any of this is making sense, so i'm going to change the subject to something else!

I was walking my dog this morning (Charlie, my "brain-dead bag of bones", that says it all), listening to my iPod. It was a sermon entitled "Wanted: Women who are Modest, Gentle and Quiet" and it was a study on the first 6 verses of 1 Peter 3. It made me think... About myself and my relationship with God, and my attitudes etc. and how important it is to be focused on Him and on keeping your heart in order, rather than worrying about what people think of your dress sense. As a Christian i believe we need to be neat and tidy, modest obviously, and dressed not trendily but not like we are living in the early 1900's. If we dress dowdily, it atomatically puts up a barrier between us and any people we try to share the Gospel with, yet we still need to differentiate ourselves from the world in the way we dress as it tends to be the first thing people notice about you... If that makes sense... I'm VERY aware that i ramble on so much sometimes that my rambling loses any logic it may have once contained.

I'm also praying and striving towards speaking more gently and quietly, i can be very loud, due to having an extensive Turkish family who are *very* loud, and an English family who aren't much quieter. But i am trying to use "volume control", and also praying that God will help me be gentler towards people when i'm talking and not quite as harsh as i know i can be.

Anyway.... I'm going to go and finish moving my room round, cleaning under stuff, and painting. My mum says she doesn't know what happened to me as i actually enjoy doing housework haha, good job for someone who would eventually like to have 12 kids :D getting far too in front of myself but there you go :)

I'm going, so i will blog to you later, take care and God bless to my reader group, which so far consists of my dear mother :)

Ciao ciao!!


Jo and David's Blog said...

Hiya Menekse! :o) your blogs are very nice to read, i might have a look at those verses. Where did you get that sermon from? :P
i'm always really encouraged by knowing that there are other young girls who are going through the same thing as me, and want the same thing as me. Just to trust God more :o)
Love you lots, and will always be praying for you.
JoT xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hey! A scary time for you indeed; it's a bit like Abram when he set out from Ur. I'll be praying for you.