Thursday, 1 March 2007

Leaving this...

I was walking the dog this morning, and i had to take a couple of pictures... I had some in my phone anyway, from when i've been walking and it's just been too beautiful to miss the photo opportunity, so i thought i would put them up here so you can see how awesome it is :D every time i go out and see how phenomenal the sunset/sunrise is, or look out at the stars in the evening, it puts me in complete awe of God's creation... I will miss it for sure! And it looks like we might be moving to a city... I will have to find someplace else to admire creation and how marvellous my God is :D

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LLP said...

gd old brid :)
an that 3rd pic is totaly where we went on our 5 in the walkin walk to isnt it :)
x x x