Tuesday, 6 March 2007

My New Book...

I started writing a post earlier, and then somehow managed to delete the entire thing JUST before i published it, which is rather annoying to say the least. So i will start again and hopefully this one will make it to my main page, otherwise i'm just some crazy girl blogging to herself...

Before i start, i hope everyone had a blessed Sabbath :D

So, my new book... It's so beautiful! A classic, i don't read modern novels, they're written for instant pleasure and gratification, full of gossip and immoral behaviour, not at all beneficial for expanding ones mind, vocabulary etc. and they are, generally, just trashy reading. But anyway, it's The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, seen the film and the stage production but haven't read the book yet. The actual copy of the book is absolutely beautiful, published by The Collector's Library, it's hardback with gilt edges... I've attatched a picture which doesn't do it ANY justice but you get the jist :) not that i'm obsessed... Can't wait to get reading it, but i may wait until i've finished one of the 4 i am currently part-way through reading!
My favourite book (secular) has to be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, if you've never read it then i HIGHLY recommend it :D i love Wuthering Heights as well... And Vanity Fair was excellent, although not by a Bronte sister :) I don't get along very well with Charles Dickens, he's too voluble and takes too long to get to the point (much like myself!), and i don't get "into" the story until i'm about half-way through it. But anyway haha that was quite random... If anybody has read any good books recently that they would recommend then let me know :D

I meant to blog yesterday, but we were really busy, which can only be a good thing! We had the estate agent coming round in the afternoon to take pictures and measurements for the leaflet for our house. So we got up early and spent the morning making the house look respectable enough to have it's photographs taken. There will be a virtual guide to it online soon, so i will blog the link, just because it's so cool! Haha, it's the only opportunity most people will get of seeing our house clutter-free :)

Well, i'm going to go, i'm blogging another entry quickly after this one, just so you can see what i have to deal with at work... And if i'm not too exhausted i will blog a few thoughts when i get home :D so God bless, and ciao for now! Blog to you later :)

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