Monday, 12 March 2007

A Little Post... I Think...

OK, so i haven't blogged about anything substantial for a while (if at all :P), but i have been so busy this week. And i am so tired now i could cry. But i thought as i was checking my e-mail, i would write a little blog with a few of my not-so-deep thoughts in it, so that i know i'm still capable of thinking more than anything else :)

It was the children's meeting at church tonight, my Gorgeous Cousin came, she's only 2 and a half, but she really enoyed it, she did (or attempted to do) all the actions to the choruses and made friends with one of the little girls who comes. We also had one new little boy and his sister who has been once before, so that was encouraging.

Anyway, in the story my Mum mentioned Leviticus 11:45, anyway i looked it up and it struck me... I will explain.

Lev. 11:45 "For i am the Lord that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for i am holy."

Also, on the subject of holiness, 1 Peter 1:16 "Because it is written, Be ye holy; for i am holy."

It isn't really on the matter of OUR holiness that i am writing about, although i am sure it will pop up in the future... But about unredeemed man's attitudes to God's holiness.

It's astounding to me, when you ask a non-believer (and some believers) about sin, and then go on to ask how many of the 10 commandments they have broken and they respond with something along the lines of (e.g.) "Well i've never killed anyone, and i only tell white lies and they don't count... And not shopping on a Sunday is out-dated..." yet the person/s in question STILL think that they are good enough to get to heaven when they die, to be in the presence of Almighty, Perfect God without asking for any type of forgiveness.
Adam was given one commandment to obey, and as a result of him disobeying it, he was banished from having perfect communion with God on earth and thrown out of the garden of Eden... Among other things... And that was just from disobeying ONE commandment ONCE. Why, WHY, do people think that they are somehow "good" enough to get to heaven by works? My conclusion is that those who do not know Him simply cannot grasp just HOW holy, perfect and all-knowing God is. And i think that we as believers can sometimes forget it as well :)

I have no idea if that was random or not, or if it made sense. I will probably read it tomorrow and think "What was i on?".
The answer is, a 2 year old. Pure exhaustion. Although i am partly to blame, however hard i try i can't seem to get to bed before midnight. Oh well :D

If you read this, can you please leave me a comment and make me feel loved? I like getting comments from people :) haha, blog to you soon! God bless :)


Jo and David's Blog said...

I LOVE you Menekse! and you know that :o) that was a good post, and it did make sense! you're right, people think they're good enough already, without God to get into Heaven, they don't realise how perfect and Holy God is, and that He wants us to be perfect and Holy just like Him.
Love you lots! :o)

Kerrin said...

Hey Menekse!

Yep i do read like all your blog posts.. lol you're not typing n thinking away for no reason!!! :)

Hope your well n enjoy your time with Jo n Hannah!

Love Kerrin xxxx

Niicii Nacii Noo Noo said...

Wow.. still amazed.. that's was really good.
you're very encouraging..