Thursday, 1 March 2007

A Few Thoughts Before Bed...

I'm getting an early night tonight, due to stil not being able to talk properly and feeling generally achey and full of cold. I'm not sure how many thoughts are going to be in this blog... The sound of Charlie destroying a plastic bottle is distracting me and my head feels like it's in the clouds haha.

I was reading a little booklet earlier, it was about reading the Bible, and the most effective way to do it. Now i have heard people say that you shouldn't read huge amounts in one go because it can be "confusing" and you should meditate on one piece of Scripture at a time, and i have heard people say you should read lots and lots regularly to familiarise yourself with the different passages etc. This booklet basically said to do both, read as much as you can whilst taking it in, so as to familiarise yourself with it and then to meditate on maybe one or two verses a day. I thought that sounded like a logical idea... I'm aiming to read the Bible through at least twice this year, using two different plans and seeing which is the most effective.

I accepted Christ as my Saviour when i was nearly 8 years old, but i was backslidden from about the age of 9 to 15. So i'm a relatively young Christian... I have a general knowledge about the Bible, but i want to know more, and i can't read and comprehend enough to satisfy my want, so i decided i needed to find a logical plan to follow and pray that God will open His Word to me as i follow that reading plan and see how it goes. I'm not very clever, i rely on the grace of God to reveal things to me, and in secualr matters i am probably what you would describe as "blonde". I do enjoy a good debate though. But i have the Bible, it's enough for me, even if i don't understand all the complicated doctrinal terms haha i'll get there in the end.

This morning i came across John 15:13 in my daily reading, and it kind of struck me, this is what it says: "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you."

Christ died on the cross for us, he suffered and died, and shed his precious Blood, all to save us from an eternity in Hell... Talk about unsurpassable love... And we have to love each other as Christ loved us, even our enemies. But if we have no love in our hearts, we can have no relationship with Christ, because we will never be able to comprehend just how great a sacrifice He made for us or why He did it. We must love those who are lost, in order to want to witness to them and win them to Christ... And love those who frustrate and possibly annoy us so that we are not un-Christian... Someone once said to me "In everything you do, be a Christian" and it's so true, we need to apply it to every dimension of our lives!

But those are the few thoughts that have been occupying my small brain today... I wonder how many people got to the bottom of this without falling asleep haha. But i will blog to you later, as now i am going to read and get some sleep! Good night and God bless to you all!


Armen said...

God bless you sister - and I really mean that. I may just link to you if this is the kind of stuff you're going to be writing!!

Philip said...

wow you write a lot on your blog! good stuff though!! :D
i really need to read the Bible in a more organised way, i always end up reading it really late at night, and in a rush before college in the morning, which isnt really very helpful.


Mayda said...

Good for people to know.