Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ahh, the joys of books!

I just love them. Seriously. I cannot *wait* until June 19th. I'm going to sit and read a whole book in one sitting, no matter how long i sit up, and not feel in the slightest bit guilty for not studying =)

I got 4 new books this morning, i ordered them from Amazon in one of my random "book-buying" modes. I still have one more to arrive, but it's an improvement on last time, when i bought 23 books, none of which were remotely beneficial. Novels are better than television (in most cases, definitely on an intellectual level, just not necessarily on a moral level), but if you are going to invest time in a book, it should be informational at least.

At the moment, i can't really justify reading more than one book at a time due to the *VAST* amount of studying i have to do... I have about 6 essays that are well overdue. It's not great. But my book-of-the-moment is "The Secret Key to Heaven" by Thomas Brooks. It's about the importance of private prayer, and i'm finding it very challenging. I will be posting a brief outline of some of the points when i've finished it.

My next book to read is "Desiring God", and then "Young, Restless, Reformed"...

I should really be reading "Revision Guide to A-Level English Language" and all things associated with the aforementioned, but where is the fun in that?


Josh said...

Books! Love books :) Just reading Piper's "The Passion of Jesus Christ". Awesome guy, such a passion for the gospel. (I meant Piper but it applies to Jesus aswell)


Eppie said...

Have to say that Brooks's Secret Key is a very worthwhile book. So soul-nourishing.