Monday, 9 March 2009

Oo, Second Blog In A Week!

Well, i can't promise any profound thoughts, but it's a start! =)

I've had a very busy couple of days. Few days. Few months... Anyway, the way my shifts fall at work, i work one week and am off the next. So this is my week off from work, but week on for tremendous amounts of studying =)

I've discovered that sat on a cushion against the radiator in my room is the best place for me to study. If i sit at my desk, i daydream out of the window or find something to tidy (which i'm never short of in my room!); if i sit upstairs in the kitchen, i talk to my mum instead of study!

I'm in quite a mellow mood tonight. I feel quite alot better in my walk with the LORD, i feel closer to Him. Life is good, stressful but good =)

Church was *fantastic* on Sunday morning. It was a real blessing. Robert Palmer = powerful speaker. I really enjoyed it. We're only getting to church once on a Sunday at the minute, because it's nearly an hour to drive there and staying all day is really cold and uncomfortable at the minute, last night we were going to drive back but my grandma is ill so we're looking after her =)

Well, i can't really think of anything else to write at the minute, i have trigonometry on the brain... So i'll write again soon, God willing =)

As they say in Turkey, kendine iyi bak!!


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