Monday, 16 March 2009

I don't like boys.

Well, i don't at the minute. They are stupid. I realise this is a completely unbiblical standpoint to take, but it will pass.

May i clarify that this is not all boys, just some of them.

It annoys me that people don't listen. I would go into more detail but this is a public domain and i don't want to come across as bitter, or twisted, or intolerant, or all of the above.

But i kinda am. Right at this moment in time i am anyway.

In fairness, listening isn't my strong point. I'm a good listener when people have problems they need to talk about, but if someone is telling me something, i have trouble remembering what they've said for any length of time after they've said it. Sometimes it just falls right back out of my head again. I maintain that this is due to my head injury (i can use that excuse for at least another 2-4 months). So i guess my problem is memory rather than listening.

Anyway, whatever the problem is, i tend to be able to remember very important things, where money is involved. Especially other people's money. I also am very good at listening/remember when that other person is, i don't know, on the end of some form of communicational device.

But hey. I'm getting into "bitter and twisted" territory so i will leave my little rant at that.

I'm still annoyed. Possibly even a teeny bit angry.


(But not all boys)

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Lizziepop loves Melbourne said...


i completely agree.

boys are stupid and dumb dumb.

single for life.