Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Where are all the men and women?!

"A man must partly give up being a man
With womenfolk"

Robert Frost's "Home Burial"

I found this blog entry from 2007. I was studying the above poem at the time, and the quote amused me slightly, hence posting it. Reading back, it saddens me slightly. Although taking the poem completely out of context, it made me think of how society continually emasculates men. "Boybashing" as my brother calls it. 

We need to pray. Pray for a return to Biblical manhood and womanhood within Christian circles. Maybe then non-Christians would take us more seriously. What kind of a witness is it to an unbeliever when our home lives and family relationships are no different to theirs? 

Our roles as men and women are clearly outlined in the Bible, what is our excuse for flouting God's commandments concerning those roles? Men need to stand up and be men, strong leaders for Christ and not sops who let their women walk all over them. Men need to put their trousers back on! And Christian women need to stop idealising careers and "family planning", and return to Biblical femininity. Being in subjection to our fathers/husbands doesn't make us weak, it makes us strong. Strong in Christ, in our created place. Home-makers, rearers of children, supporters of our husbands. Witnessing through our modesty, meekness, gentleness.

There is *nothing* wrong with women being in subjection to the men in their life, be it father or husband. It is what the Bible teaches. It doesn't make us subordinate, or used, or badly done to. It is where we are strongest. I know many women who are proof of this, Godly women.

Just because we are not married, doesn't mean we should be out pursuing the world. We should be pursuing God. Pursuing a knowledge of Him so that we are better enabled in whatever He has in store for our lives.

I will be pursuing God, pursuing Biblical femininity, and trying to encourage my Brothers in the LORD to be real, Biblical men.


Suzanne said...

Hey Menekse! Great to see you back blogging again :)

Just wanted to say thanks for this post. It's a real challenge to me. It's so easy to get dragged along by the world and pressed into its mould. Making a stand for biblical principles in a worldy environment is incredibly hard (for me, at least) but I pray God would raise up me and others to do it with His help and for His glory.

Lizziepop loves Melbourne said...

amen sister.

i love it, and agree wholeheartedly.

keep it up.