Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Some musings that interrupted my English Language essay...

I'm not very good at keeping motivated with my studying. I'm currently supposed to be in the middle of a "Language Investigation" studying the linguistics of 5 shampoo bottles and their effects on their targeted consumer groups - whoopee.

In the middle of my attempts to distract myself, i started thinking about my Christian walk. What it means to be a Christian. Why did God choose me, and what did He choose me for, when i continually fail Him? I mean *CONTINUALLY*
I have no idea. It's by His grace alone that i am His. A fraction of the enormity of what God did for me, and how unworthy i am to receive His blessing came over me. Jesus died for me. For me personally, and now my name is graven in the palm of God's hand.

I have been so worried about what the Summer and September will bring, that i had semi-forgotten God.

I've reached the stage now where i know need to stop worrying about the future and what it holds, because i know God has His hand on my path, and He will keep me and direct me. My only prayer is that He will use me to His glory and honour, and that my life will be useful to His cause.

After all, man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.


Anu said...

It's funny how i came across your blog, because I am actually doing a language investigation on 5 shampoo bottles too and I am also often distracted by thinking about God and my purpose as a christian, On top of that I am also home studying. It is just funny how sometimes there are people just like us out there doing and thinking the exact same thing at once. Hehe. God Bless you. I am still looking for an "aim" for my investigation.

Menekse said...

Haha, really?! How strange! How did you come across my blog?

I have a rough draft written out, but i haven't sent it in yet... Are you studying with ICS? Exams this year?

Thanks for the comment, made me smile!!