Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Distractions, Distractions

I have a severe problem with motivation when it comes to writing essays on language issues.


It looks like it's going to be a long night. I didn't end up getting any work done last night, as my mum was so ill the doctor told her she had to be admitted to hospital. So my grandma and i took her down to the Acute Assessment Unit, and there she stays. Hopefully she is being transferred to a quieter ward soon, as the one she is on is very busy and noisy. She is having some tests and things done and God willing, she should be home by the weekend.

It was very strange, we came home from Church on Sunday morning, and she was absolutely fine, just a little tired, so she went for a nap; by the time she woke up she was in agony with a really high temperature.

So here i am, sat at my laptop, blogging. Bah. I'm back at work tomorrow night, so that's an excuse to not get them written... But as my exams start in 6 weeks, i think i better get my nose to the grindstone =)

We had a student from the Whitefield preaching at church on Sunday. He was very good. And we have Michael Gray speaking this coming week, who is always a great blessing. I think i may stay for the day and get the train home after the evening service. I will be on my own so i can read and walk along the beach.

I love the beach. I used to walk Charlie along it every morning before we moved... And the weather has been lovely recently, so hopefully it will be nice enough for a dander on Sunday afternoon. Take in the fresh sea air and ponder life!

Apologies for the lack of substantial blogging over the past few days; it has all been rather shallow. Hoping to blog again later this week with something a little more thought-provoking.

I have had a difficult few days, but the LORD is constantly by my side. I just need to remember to stop looking at the seas of my troubles and keep my gaze fixed on the One who is in control, otherwise i'll soon be drowning in them.

I'm going to go and be all house-wifey now, i have some laundry to do and some tidying to finish. So that will keep me distracted until about midnight, when i will have absolutely no excuse for procrastinations! 

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