Monday, 30 March 2009


... is a commodity i am currently running short of.

I have 2 essays that i need to write by the end of today, plus 1-3 essay outlines depending on how productive i manage to be.

I also have to do some jobs in town. So, after a night shift of buzzer-happy patients, i will be getting my jobs done, getting a little bit of sleep and then cracking on with my essays... Oh fun. The only thing keeping me motivated at the moment (motivation... meh!), is the thought that in 3 months, my exams will be over and done with. That said, it's also mildly stressful as my productivity levels are exceptionally low at the moment.

So, if i manage to get all my work done, i may write a decent blog post later. If i don't, you know why.

Also, as a side note... I love Puritan Paperbacks =) 

Roll on pay day!

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