Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Personalized Bible Affirmation, anyone?

Is there no end to the things Google comes up with?

"Click Here For Your Free Personalised Bible Affirmation"

So obviously, i clicked. Just because, i have a curiosity that plagues me like a thirst in a hot desert.

This scripturally sound and uniquely innovative tool will help you appropriate and apply a Life-in-Christ dimension of living. You will instantly receive, on demand, a printable Biblical Affirmation, personalized with your name. It will contain an Affirmation and scriptures that precisely support the Affirmation.

Your complimentary Affirmation provided by THE SURE FOUNDATION THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE is waiting for you. The instant you enter your name and submit, your printable Affirmation will resolve to your screen for you to print. We believe you will sense the power and presence of God's Spirit and Word by simply reading it aloud daily."

So now i am here. Speechless at my keyboard.

Feedback is welcomed. With open arms.