Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The LORD is Good =)

I'm so tired. Really. It's quite phenomenal. And i have to work again tonight - sad face-

But despite this near exhaustion, i'm greatly encouraged. Las night was the children's meeting at our church. Recently we have started doing two meetings so that there is one for the over 13's and one for the younger ones. Last night, as opposed to 3 children, we had 8 children total! I had 3 teenage girls i nmy class, and my mum had 2 girls and 3 boys in her class.

Although it was encouraging, it was also mildly nightmarish... My class were ok, and showed interest in the lesson i was teaching. My mum's class on the other hand... Ouch.

All the kids that come are from a really rough council estate, alot of them don't have a male authority figure in their lives and i think this leads to "worse" bad behaviour, especially on the part of the little boys. One of them started shouting and throwing chairs around the rooms, then proceeded to storm out of church and pull down one of the wire grills that are up at the windows of the church. The girls (one of whom never misses a meeting) began being very badly behaved, and they were all generally uncontrollable!

Discipline is almost impossible, they know that you can't do anything to them apart from scold, and then they just laugh in your face.

Our nation is bringing up a generation of children who lack respect, education and moral values. All in the interest of "rights" and "political correctness". What about the "rights" of those people who have to put up with this bad behaviour?! I speak of the General Public.

We need to get on our knees and pray. We need to pray for these children, whose parent's don't care about them enough to make sure they are clean and well fed. Pray that they would be exposed to the Gospel and that the LORD would work in their little hearts. We need to pray for the parents, that they would come under the sound of the Gospel, and under conviction of their sins. We need to pray most of all for the LORD to raise up people who will work for Him, who will be zealous for Him, and who will have a heart for these people and their children. We need to pray that this nation would be brought on her knees before God.

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